Second Installment of China Cozies

Whenever my older sister and I sew gifts for my mother, the gifts always come in installments.  Like the time we started a Christmas quilt and only managed to put together a few squares before the 25th.  Yeah, we wrapped up the squares with an IOU.  I think my mom finished it herself fifteen years later or something.

Anywho, if you recall, this spring I started a set of china cozies which I'm attempting to add to this Christmas. Great idea, huh?  Well it was until I realized that I live a state away now and I don't have access to the china cabinet!  No matter, I put my sister on recon over Thanksgiving (you know, my sewing sister in crime from ages past) and got some much needed info:

Now, if only I had remembered to ask her to measure the last china cozy!  Guess these next ones will just have to march to their own paisley beat.

My four-year-old daughter helped make the bias tape yesterday with my Simplicity Bias Tape Maker.  She was all about pushing that "run" button and watching it go.  "It makes it like Cinderella's ribbons," she says.


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