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So I Have A New Baby

Um, he's kind of three months old already.

Do I even qualify as a blogger at this point?  Probably not.

Meet Benny.

He's kind of older than this now.  Born October 16th and weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces.  Now weighing in over 14 pounds and wearing six month sleepers.  Super sweet and cute and lovely.  I have better pictures.  Somewhere other than on my desktop, apparently.  I tell ya. Ever since my laptop crashed out, blogging has been a much lamer (is that a word?) process.

ANYWHO,  I hope to check in again soon.  I have to recover my recliner because it's in the living room and getting way too much wear and tear for the current cover.  Also, I have three wedding gowns I'm altering this spring.  They are hilariously different.  One is a tiny little sheath style dress; one is a cathedral length ball gown (seriously has biggest train I have ever seen) with a cathedral veil I'm making from scratch; and the last is a dress we're putting together from vintage edward…

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