Wednesday, October 4, 2017

All The Many Projects...

Welcome to the world of wedding alterations and birthday presents and baby preparations!

What you will find here is a ginormous photo dump :o).

To start, my last bride this summer had one of those craaaaazzzy dresses with the vertical ruffles that end in the hem.  At least organza was more manageable than the chiffon dress I worked on last time.  Here's a pic of the bustle.  She asked to add the bow.  What do you think?


My poor top-bunk-sleeping daughter has needed a shelf by her bed for a long while now.  Finally owning up to the fact that we were never whipping one up for free with the spare wood in the garage, I found this at the thrift store for $2.

Hoping to add stuffed animal storage and make use of the pegs, I added a fabric sling of sorts.

The girls opted to paint the shelf white.

And the boy opted to make a paint contribution on the sly -- with the stir stick.

It was officially hung on her birthday in September.

(The photos? Worse than my usual sub-par fare, but you get the idea! Imagine me nine months pregnant, climbing to the top bunk, at night.)


It had once again been relegated to the basement store room.  Thinking it just about the right size to hold new baby clothes in my bedroom (because where else does one put the fifth child in a three bedroom house?), I decided to give it a makeover.  

Hello belly.

Planning the pattern.

Cutting the pieces from scraps of canvas leftover from slipcovers.

Sawing apart a plastic tote to line the new "bins,"

Inserting the plastic liner.

Almost done.

Ready for baby clothes.


Realizing I would need more baby storage, I trash-picked my neighbor's basket and lined it with old Ikea fabric from my stash.


We're getting there with the baby prep, right?  I'm less than two weeks out from having this little boy!  With that in mind, I tried my hand at hacking one of my old shirts into a version of the Undercover Mama Nursing Tank.

Shown with a nursing bra.


Oh, and in the spirit of unnecessary nesting-like activities, I recovered some pillows.

Original ugly microfiber covers.

New cotton over the stuffing.

Envelope shams

Phew!  Photo dumping complete :o).

Say a prayer for a peaceful, safe, and wonderful birth?  Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Slipcovers Need Slipcovers {Armrest Covers}

This is the summer of dirt my friends.  There is dirt EVERYWHERE.  I. can't. even.  With kids and dogs and that revolving back door, it's nearly hopeless to stem the tide.  But still, I try! My broom and vacuum have never seen such action.

Nor have my slipcovers spent such quality time in the washing machine.

Dog 2.0.  Because who doesn't need more shedding in their life?
As you can see, I've taken to putting the couch cushions into a serviceable twin duvet cover to catch the daily dust, but quite a bit of the couch is left exposed to "the elements" and has me on my toes.  Last week, I washed that couch slipcover, and not 24 hours later, some punk kid let a muddy dog in the house and that punk dog put his mucky paws right on my freshly laundered arm rest!

FOR SHAME!  On me, I suppose.  For not making armrest covers sooner.

(30.5 weeks pregnant belly)
It was time for the babe and I to get them done.  With some extra help, of course.

Z tracing.

E. playing ponies.
For the pattern, we traced the arm rest on the couch, leaving room for the cording.  Nothing fancy.

Cut from extra slipcover fabric -- 100% cotton canvas

Serged and sewn



I haven't come up with a solution for tacking them down.  Is there a way to do it without (eventually) causing damage to the slipcover underneath?

Suggestions welcome :o).

Honestly, though, I don't really care if they're attached as long as it's easy to wash them and get on with the rest of the sweeping...and the vacuuming...and the mopping...

Monday, June 19, 2017

{Dyed} Drop Cloth Slip Cover

Remember that slip covered chair from forever ago? 

It was all fine and good until I discovered, much to my chagrin, that not all drop cloths are family friendly fabrics.

Great texture.  Horrible stain resistance.  Horrible. That thick cotton thread gathers dirt like crazy and tenaciously holds onto oil stains.  Couple all of that with it's non-color and even after bleaching, the thing looked brown, splotchy, and gross.

Hence the new color.

Better, yes?  You can still see the shadow of old oil stains (despite bleaching the thing one more time before dying), but I'm hoping a darker color will help maintain the appearance of cleanliness for a longer period of time between washings ;).

The directions say to use 1 bottle per 2 pounds and I'm guessing this weighed in the 3 pound range.  I used one bottle.  I also forgot to reset the washing machine to run for a full thirty minutes before rinsing out the dye.

The color reads............purple.  Grey purple, but purple all the same.

Right now my yellow/grey rug is put away so we have yet to see how it will jive.  Might need to run it through with a brown dye to "greige" it a bit?

Meh, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.