Friday, June 29, 2012

Ring Bearer Pillow

I came across the ring bearer pillow from my wedding this week.  It's only slightly misshapen from storage.

I made it out of the fabric from my dress which was a silk peau de soie (french for "skin of silk") and a silk taffeta.

I originally purchased the crystal flower button and two others like it for a hair piece, but they were too heavy for my up-do.

A picture of the back for good measure:

Unfortunately my wedding pics aren't stored on this computer, but I did find a tiny picture of my nephew and sister-in-law on the big day:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

needle and thREAD, the flop edition

needle and thREAD

Oh *sigh*.  I did sew this past week, honest I did.  I just have nothing to show for it, I'm afraid!

I was so excited, you see.  I had this funky elastic-y stuff I had found a while back and I was dying to try it.

Can you see in the pictures, how you are supposed to take this band and sew it into your project and then pull the strings to create a pleated sort of gather?  Well, I was all about this pleated gathering business. I thought it would be super cute to make a skirt for myself since I hardly ever sew clothes, especially for your's truly.

Perhaps it could have gone better.

To start, someone cut a hole in the middle of my lovely fabric.

Ah hem!  Let's just say, I did not put that there.  They do make safety scissors sharp these days, now don't they?  No worries.  I soldiered on and made it work, with a little help of course.

Unfortunately, all the help in the world could not save me from the disastrous results that followed...

I discovered that makers of elastic need to institute an important little thing called an EXPIRATION DATE!  I know because something downright terrifying occurred when I tried to put that neato-elastic pleating stuff into my skirt.

It was, it turns out, a half century past it's prime.


Here I had spent all of that precious time on what I hoped would be a bang-up job and my starring featured was ruined!  Nearly defeated, I rummaged through my stash until I came up with three narrow pieces of elastic somewhere near the appropriate sizes to put together for one big waistband of a similar effect, and with great determination and not a little annoyance, I got them into the waistband.

And then I tried it on and looked in the mirror, shoved the whole darn thing -- unfinished -- into the dark recesses of my sewing cabinet, and vowed never again to think a thirty-one-year old woman could possibly pull off a skirt with a gathered waistband!

Dash it all..

At least things have been better in the thREAD world!  I scored a delightful stack of children's literature for a couple of dollars at an estate sale and my girls (2 & 4 years) and I have been discovering them together.

In Curious George Takes a Job, George jumps off of a building and breaks his leg.  My children find this fascinating.  Ever since that one time ZouZou (my two-year-old) went to the emergency room to have a popcorn kernel removed from her nose, the girls are enthralled with hospitals and doctors (from a distance, anyway :o).  Come to the Doctor Harry is simple and short.  The kids haven't picked up the George and Martha books yet, but just looking at their covers brings back childhood memories for me.  A Baby Sister for Frances is a bit on the wordy side, but so clever and fun and enjoyable for my four-year-old.  Henry the Explorer is new to me.  The illustrations are really cute and colorful.  Henry has a dog named Laird Angus McAngus and that might possibly be the best name for a dog, ever!

Maybe next week I'll have more of my own reading to report.  In the meantime storybook reading is good for the soul, no?


Head on over to In the Heart of My Home for more needle and thREAD.  See you there!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD

I was just here a minute ago posting about felt food, but I hope you'll humor me for a second post today because after I published the last one, I happened to stop by In the Heart of My Home (lovely, lovely) where needle and thREAD is going on and I thought to myself -- TODAY is the day I'm going to join in.

As you may have guessed, needle and thREAD is a link up of whatcha-up-to's in the sewing AND reading department.  My last post is something of a spoiler here, but I'll make up for it by more info? Here you have my most recent stitching, felt food.  The sweets:

Felt food making is kind of a time-consuming venture, but isn't it rewarding?  I usually check out images online for inspiration and then freehand the rest.  I love the chance to poke around my trims (from this crazy find) and make pretty things.  Plus, I was super excited to finally find a use for a brown pleated ribbon I've had in my stash since design school.  Perfect for cupcakes, no?

In regard to reading,  Promise Me This by Cathy Gohlke has been hanging out on my coffee table for a couple of weeks and I just can't seem to get into it.

It's your typical Christian historical novel which isn't my cup of tea lately for whatever reason, as evidenced by the fact that I haven't finished it yet.  I'm one of those gluttonous readers who devours the light stuff in a day or two.  As it is, I pick it up occasionally during baby nursing sessions.

On the not-so-light-reading end of the spectrum, the other book on my coffee table is Three to Get Married  by Fulton Sheen.  I could probably spend the rest of my life dissecting the first chapter.  Good, good, good.  Here's a snippet to whet your appetite..."If love does not climb, it falls.  If, like the flame, it does not not burn upward to the sun, it burns downward to destroy."  Poetry and truth, my friends.  Many thanks to the kind person who gave this book to my husband and I on our wedding day almost seven years ago.

So there you have it, my first needle and thREAD!  Thanks for stopping by, ya'll!  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else is up to...

Felt Treats

Monday, June 11, 2012

Closet Curtain Follow-Up

Interestingly enough, the Making Space - Closet Curtains post consistently gets more hits than any other post around here.  I hope it has been helpful!  Yesterday, I finally put hooks on the sides of the closet to keep the curtains back when we need to get into the closet, so I thought I'd share what I decided to use.

Now,  I was going to use something all pretty and nice, but then....I didn't.   Are you ready for this?

Yes.  It is what you think it is.  It is a "re-purposed" hanger.  Is it lovely?  Nope.  Inspiring?  Nope.  Free?  Most certainly!

I'm assuming all of my readers have a bit more class than I do, but on the off chance one or two of you needs a temporary and/or free solution to a closet-curtain-opening-problem, here you have it!  Don't worry, it's on the inside of the closet where you can only barely see it from the outside.

Probably should have used screws to put it up, but nails held it and that was good enough for me.

Sorry to disappoint, but I will not be posting any pictures of my open closet curtains!  The content of said closet is....well...better left to the imagination!  Let's just say I won't be winning awards for closet organization anytime soon.

Felt "Cookies" Made By Kids

On the rare occasion that I bring out a needle and thread during the waking hours, my kids want to join in.  At four and two years of age, it can be challenging to placate their desire to "make something too."  Lucky for me, they are equally happy with glue as they are with sharp sewing instruments, so we engage in a sort of pseudo sewing.  I do the cutting and they do the rest.

This week I was working on felt treats (as I mentioned in the last post) and they wanted to join in the fun.  We "sewed" felt cookies instead.

* I realize now the close vicinity of my two-year-old to the sharpest scissors known to man. Parental FAIL.*

* Felt scraps are the best *

 * Totally unimpressed boy child *

They got "sewing" out of their system and were entertained for a full....ten minutes.

We'll chalk that up to a win.


Here's a sneak peek of what's under my needle:

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My To Do List

Well, I'm not gonna lie, I tend to sew what I feel like sewing, when I feel like sewing it, but for kicks and giggles here is a post about what I should be working on.

1)  Kid's room curtains.  Two of them.  I have nothing in my stash that inspires me and the fabric store is off limits, so there is that.

Liz, you ask, is that a piece of masking tape hanging off of the bottom of your shade?  Why yes, yes it is.  Holds that sucker right against the wall the way I like it!  Sun, you stay away from my sleeping babies...

2)  Zippers in the back cushion covers on my couch.

I know you have this couch too.  Everybody does.  Art Van Furniture must have made a killing.  On mine, the seat cushion covers are removable, but the top cushion covers are not removable and boy do I want to remedy the problem right quick.  Seven years and three kids later, I have GOT to get those puppies in the washer.  It's going to take some work because the inner cushion is all crumbly and yuck.  But do it, I must.  Anyone have a suggestion on where to buy the zippers?

3)  Bed skirt for the crib.

I had one.  Somewhere.  Gosh I hate it when I lose stuff.  I have a large print fabric from IKEA in my stash that I was saving for a something fun, but it will have to go to this.  I forgot to take a picture of it for you, but I think you'll find it cute.  Has a bit of purple in it too.

4)  Felt food for this toy stand:

Using this as inspiration and also checking out the cool kids on Etsy.

I'm actually almost done with this project, 'cuz it's fun and I like to do fun things.  You know I'll post when it's all done.  Let me tell ya, so far these sweet treats are delish!

5)  Last but not least, I want to throw together some fun girly clothes out of old t-shirts and stained stuff I found during last week's summer wardrobe switcheroo.

Most of it is knit, which I'm not afraid to tell you, scares me a bit.  What I really want to do is figure out how to make a tiered skirt for myself out of old men's t-shirts.  Or possibly even a tiered short sleeve dress.  Hmmmm.


And that, my dear friends, is my to-do list.  Good thing nothing (except the felt food) has a deadline, because I've been seeing a lot of this lately:

Not so much of this:

No worries, though.

It's all good.