China Cozies

It seems such a shame to see dust collect on china!  Here's is a solution that is both beautiful and practical.

I used Butterick Pattern B5623.  Normally these storage boxes have zipper closures at the top, but I converted it to a hat-box type design because I didn't want to special order extra long zippers for the project.  An added bonus of this style is that it compacts to a smaller box if you need it to:

The pre-quilted fabric they suggest using for china storage containers is beautiful but pricey, so I purchased some cheap calico and quilted it myself.  TOO MUCH WORK! Next time, I'm busting out the wallet.  I love these colors, though, and I've always been a sucker for paisley.

For the trimming, I tried out the bias tape maker I got for Christmas.  Also too much work, imo :o).

As you can see from this shelf of china, I have a few more containers to make.  Bring on the cozies!


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