Vintage Fabric Apron

Isn't this fabric delightful?  I'm a little bit in love.

(I put some notes about this pattern at the end of the post)

The oh-so-very retro fabric was purchased at a church bizarre.
Couldn't tell you the first thing about the fiber content, but it's delightfully heavy.

Pocket detail:

Bib embellishment:

I'm so glad there's  fabric left over!  Doesn't it just make your heart happy?

Quick notes on the See & Sew Pattern B4585
1) I shortened it about three inches
2)  I added about an inch in length to the pattern piece that holds the rings.
3) Instead of sewing the straps inside-out and turning them right-side out, I pressed them flat and sewed them with a top stitch. (much faster).


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