Kindle Case

If you'd like a tutorial for making a kindle, ipad, or laptop cover, you can get one here.  I used the tutorial for inspiration, but didn't follow the instructions. Feel free to drop me a line if you need help!

This case is a gift for someone with a Kindle Fire.  In order to figure out the pattern and to ensure proper fit, I found the product dimensions online and whipped up a rough replica kindle out of foam board.

If you don't want the recipient to spend too much time scratching her head wondering what the case is for, you can get all crafty classy and make a cute brown paper & twine tag that says something brilliant to the effect of "kindle case" on it.  Or, you can do what I did and slap a picture of a kindle over your foam replica.

Slip the faux kindle into the case and a gift card in the back pocket and you have yourself a nifty little package.

DIY details, in case you'd like to know:

+  To make a flap on the top (like mine) you will need 1/4 yard of fabric.  If you make the flap on the side (like the tutorial I linked to), I believe 1/3 yard will be enough.

+ I backed the teal fabric with medium weight fusible interfacing and padded the cover with "Warm and Natural" cotton batting (which is thin but more dense than poly batting).  I adjusted the ease accordingly.

+  I couldn't find my elastic cording for the button loop and wanted something to match anyway, so I used a dark brown elastic hair tie (make sure to use a new/clean one!).

+  All said and done, this was about a 3.5 hour project.  Most of the time was spent figuring out the dimensions, stopping for snacks, and fishing thread out of the Christmas tree.  With a pattern already set, I bet multiples of this project would come together in a snap.


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