Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nursing Cover - A Review

Now that I've had a chance to break in my nursing cover, I thought I'd pop back in and letcha know how it has been working out for me, or shall I say us.  (Insert gratuitous baby picture, here. :o)

Before I go any further, I must confess that I don't know how I lived without one of this lovely covers for so long.  It is my new best friend.  I use it at home when I'm outside watching my older kiddos. I use it when we are out and about.  It makes modesty while nursing a somewhat achievable aim, and lemme tell ya, I'm all for that.

I like that it's uses aren't limited to nursing.

Construction-wise, it seems to be big enough.  The neck strap does it's job and I rarely even mess with the size of the strap.  I'm not sure the boning's contribution is all that significant, but I could be wrong.

However, there are two problems with the overall design of my nursing cover.

First off, after washing the clasp section no longer looked like this:

Instead, it looked like this:

Or at least it looked like this after I basically knotted it on the clasp.  The problem is that the strap is too narrow so that when it's washed, it folds in half and slips right through the metal hoops.  My guesstimate is that the neck strap needs to be wider - maybe double the width? -  in order to hold after washings.  If you decide to make a nursing cover via the tutorial I've linked to before, be sure to make some sort of adjustment to the neck strap so that it doesn't do this!

Secondly, I'd prefer something other than quilting cotton.  It wrinkles and starts to look worn after just one washing.  I think a nursing cover definitely needs to be made out of a fabric that is soft and breathable and baby spit-up absorb-able, but I would prefer something more wrinkle-resistant.  Originally I thought a knit of some kind might be kinda cool, but now I think there might be unwelcome clinging issues. Maybe a woven from the shirtings section would work?

Let me know if you have any suggestions!

You know how I love to find ways to make a good thing even better.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Silhouettes - A Crafting Detour

I know, I know.  This is a SEWING blog, already, not a crafting blog!  Does it count that there is bias tape and some sort of silvery-trimmy stuff involved?

In the kitchen we had this wall.  This very, very, BARE wall.  It needed art, like I needed me some family silhouettes.  Aren't they fun?

My little band of profile art is a work in progress.  In my mind, silhouettes on a blank white canvas sounded chic in an understated way, but then they looked boring instead of classy, so I threw some trims around them. Like so:

I planned to have canvases without frames as you can see in this next picture.  (My apologies for the blur)

But there was something amiss.  Incomplete.

Enter some lovely 'vintage' frames in the appropriate size.

It took me three weeks to paint them because I'm quick like that.

And of course I wanted all of them white, but if I waited for them to be white before posting about it, you'd be reading this next year instead!

It's never until you take a picture that you notice your artwork isn't centered on the shelf, huh?

In case you want to see my other works, I give you my handsome husband and myself.

I don't know what I was thinking by making us look the same direction.  (BTW, we are on smaller canvases -- hence the lack of white space.)  I've already painted over my husband's face with the plan to repaint him looking the opposite direction.  Gotta have our silhouettes making eyes at each other.  Hehe.  Not sure where in the house these two characters will end up.

An added bonus to this whole project was finding out whose profile we bequeathed to our children.

It appears my oldest got her father's nose, eh?

Kinda wish we had a family pet to feature in silhouette.  Might I be a little bit too in love with this whole silhouette thing?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A New Chipper Snipper Website Feature

As you may very well have noticed by now, there is a brand spankin' new "Project Gallery" slideshow working away at the top of the page.  What do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Please, please tell me the hours I spent linking photos to posts was well worthwhile???  If not, tell me that too!!!  Especially you slow-internet people.  I HAVE BEEN THERE, my friends...if that silly little slideshow makes this site maddening to view, drop a comment, will ya?  I will move mountains (and galleries) for you.