Quick (Toy) Storage Bag

A little rough around the edges, but this design does the trick, nu?

These serviceable additions to the toy room were whipped up in record time. One of mine took about an hour from start to finish, but I am not the speediest sewer in the club.

This is not the best picture in the world, but here is something to give you the general idea of how it's constructed.

Part of me wishes the bags were see-through, but then again...out of sight, out of mind.

Wouldn't it be terribly cool to make them out of canvas or denim and take fabric paint and stencil the outside of the bag with the contents of the bag, such as "BLOCKS" or "DOLLS" or what-have-you?

Hmmmm.  You know what I'm thinking about now?  Reusable Christmas wrapping bags...


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