Tutorial Woes

So, I have a whole new appreciation for sewers who post tutorials on their blogs.  I had a brilliant (I thought) and easy (I thought) idea for using those lovely pink plaid pantsThis tank top idea will be so simple, I'll make a tutorial for my new sewing blog!  My mind was all made up, I calculated everything in my head, the camera sat ready.  And then I started measuring and cutting and walking step-by-step through the process.  It wasn't pretty!!!  The camera pictures blurred in the bad light.  I cut the pieces too small because my calculations were flawed (not surprising considering that the moment I start doing math, my brain moves in slow motion and my eyes glaze over).  The plaid in the fabric was printed off-kilter and the stripes came out cockeyed.  My methods were squirrely.  The serger bunched.  The natives awoke.  They got restless...

It was all I could do to salvage my dignity enough to rethink, recalculate, recut, resew and complete the dang shirt - tutorial or no tutorial!  It actually turned out cute.  I'll take a pic of it tomorrow when the sun is out and the natives are sleeping.  I've had enough punishment for one day.  Here's a teaser from the ill-fortuned tutorial.  Maaaayyyybbeee, someday, we'll revisit the tutorial idea.  Or maybe it's better that I don't teach anyone anything, ever again.


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