Three-Quarter Yard Challenge! What can you make? Part I

If you haven't been in a quilt shop recently, do go!  The prints are delicious and don't scream "quilt me!"  Instead, they whisper sweet nothings into your ears until they melt all of your defenses and you are forced to buy very small quantities....because they aren't priced like they were in the old days.  Such is the story of the prints pictured below.  I purchased 1/4 yard of three different colorful cottons, totalling $7.95.  My plan was to make something for each of my little girlies - a skirt for my oldest and a shirt for the baby.  It was a tight squeeze. 

I made the skirt first because it used the most fabric and was the simplest - just a series of gathered rectangles with an elastic waistband.

If you would like to make this skirt (about a 2T size), you need:

2 rectangles of fabric 15" x 6" (green fabric pictured above)
2 rectangles of fabric 20" x 4.5" (orange fabric pictured above)
2 rectangles of fabric 25" x 4.5" (pink fabric pictured above)
1/2" no-roll elastic (one package or enough to go around waist)
1.5 yards of narrow lace (to trim hem)


A picture of the innards:

The project in action:

Aren't kid's clothes crazy cute?  If working uninterrupted, I betcha this skirt could be thrown together in a couple of hours.   If made in five minute intervals, it takes a tad bit longer!

Stay tuned for Part II...


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