A Fashion Design Chatty Cathy?

I'm thinking about submitting an entry for the Shabby Apple "Dare to Design" contest.  And oh my goodness, the creative ideas are flowing.  Maybe not in a good way.  I feel like there is a fashion designing Chatty Cathy let loose in my head.  One minute I'm fixated on piping, the next minute I'm cursing bias cut patterns, then I'm off in a la la land of cobblers aprons and calico pockets.  Wait....piping around calico pockets....brilliant!  And just like that, I'm back on the merry-go-round again.  Somebody help me!!!

Thankfully, I have some parameters.  First off, the design must be a dress, to the knee or below, sleeves, no cleavage.  The contest allows you to draw, computer render, or create and photograph your design.  I'm a create and photograph kind of a girl, so thaT  (SORRY, MY MUNCHKIN THINKS the caps lock key is the best thing ever.  Phew, that's better.) decision is made.  Ever the lover of exponentially increasing the difficulty factor, I plan to spend less than $5 and create something I might actually wear.  Waste not!

The decision to compete seems like a good idea for a bunch of reasons - creative incentive, blogging fodder, competition, and the potential of getting a garment into their Spring 2011 line.  The winner gets 3% of every dress sold.  That'd be like $30!  Or maybe $3.  Who cares when bragging rights are on the line?

So far, I'm off to a sad start.  But I plan to rally myself and forge on.   Oddly enough, I'm beginning to resent the time I'm spending on this silly dress (or should I say, becoming a bona fide head case) instead of making felt food, and trying out a pj pattern I found in a box in the basement.


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