Quickie Birthday (Kid) Skirt

If you've slacked off - yet again - and need a quick birthday present for a small girl, I'm here to save the day. This skirt is like Rice Crispy treats.  Sinfully quick and easy. 

Grab 1/2 yard of fabric, whatever double fold bias tape you have on hand and let's begin....

If you have a skirt to use as a guide, lay it on your fabric (folded double with selvage edges together) and trace along the bottom edge of the skirt. 

The finished skirt will be gathered at the top, so you will want to cut a piece wider at the top than your sample skirt.  I used a ruler and marked the waistline out 15" above the hem line.  Since I had a skirt (more details to make that skirt here) to use as a guide, I went ahead and created more of a 'poodle' type skirt.  The other option would have been to cut out two rectangles 22"x15" each.  Next time, I am totally cutting out rectangles!  None of this time consuming tracing funny business.

If you can see it, here is my 'tracing':

In order to make sure both sides of the pattern were the same, I cut out one half, folded over the extra fabric and used that as my guide for the other half:

Notice that there is a V-like dip in the center.  Not grooving that.  I tweeked mine.  If you have this problem, tweek yours (It's better to tweek BEFORE you cut, btw.)  Once it's cut, you will have two pieces - a front skirt piece and a back skirt piece.

Now would be the time to 'decorate' the skirt.
Clearly, I had too many trim choices, because my brain shut down and I decided to procrastinate.

Moving on...

With right sides together, pin the side seams.

Sew a 1/4" seam and then serge the seam closed.

Press open one side of double fold bias tape.

Using steam, press a curve into the bias tape and press over one end 1/4 inch.

Pin unfolded edge to the waistline, and finish off like this:

Sew and clip:

Press under and create a casing for your elastic:

Almost done!  Tuck the extra elastic in.

Last step is to create a hem.  Depending on your PLL (personal laziness level), you can press under and sew a quarter inch hem, or you can grab some (quarter inch) double fold bias tape and sit your butt down at the machine. 

I did the latter.  It felt so good to sit down.

Stay tuned for the 'Trimmings'.....


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