A New (Very Bright!) Duvet

Finally!  Finally had the chance to put together a duvet for my three-year-old son's bed.

The orange fabric is a wideback (108") cotton that I purchased online and the back is just white muslin I had on hand from the girl's curtains.  I only bought a yard and a half so the finished cover is not quite as wide as a standard-sized twin.

I personally dislike buttons on duvet covers as they last about a washing before the button holes stretch and the buttons start falling out leaving an ugly herniated comforter problem at the end of the bed.  (Apparently I feel more strongly about this than I realized because I just used the words "ugly herniated" in regard to bed coverings!)  Also, I avoid button holes like the plague.

As you can see, I chose to I use a long zipper instead and cut the front of the duvet long enough to wrap around the back an inch and a half so that the zipper would not be right at the end of the duvet.

I couldn't find a long white polyester zipper at the local fabric stores and while deciding whether or not to special order online (an invisible zipper would make the most sense), I was going through clothes to donate and realized that I could steal the zipper out of an old pair of footie jammies.  Since the jammies were a size 5, the zipper was 34" long!  I love thievery.  And freebies.

Now my son's room has a chevron bed slipcover, navy curtains, a sling book rack, a matching footstool and a new duvet.  We're making progress.

Oh, and his baby silhouette.  It needs a frame.

Still thinking about making some pillows with an ocean theme. Fish?  A shark?

Yesterday when I was taking these pictures my son informed me "I don't like that new blanket!"

This morning I asked my husband why the dear boy was crying in the the middle of the night last night.  His response?  "Heaven forbid that new blanket you made touch his leg."



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