Pink Polka Dot Curtains

I'm slowly replacing the old curtains in the new house with updated ones.  The originals in the girls' room were real doozies when we moved in.  Stylish in their day, no doubt!
That day being 1975?

I've finished with three of four panels (for two windows). 

I cut them out of two and (not quite) a half yards of 108" wide cotton fabric.
You can find it here.

And I backed them with 36" wide bleached muslin
(that my sister used to decorate her wedding reception).

I'm no expert but I think the secret to making lined curtain panels is to cut the front fabric wider than the lining fabric so that it wraps around to the back.

Each panel has seven tabs. For the bigger window, I made the tabs about two inches wide.

I did the math and I think the curtains come out to less than $10 per panel.
(I got the lining fabric for free and spent about $14 per set.)

They could have been made (54" long) with blackout lining for around $14 a panel.

While I would never presume to compare these to Pottery Barn, I checked their site to see if they have anything similar and was floored to find out that PBK's hot pink polka dot curtains (with blackout lining) sell for a mere $50 per panel.

And that, my friends, is why I love to sew ;).


  1. Their room is so cute! Love it!

    1. Thanks LW ;). It takes all of my might to look past the mustard rug, lol.

  2. I wish I had made the front fabric longer/wider than the backing in our nursery. Great tip. And the room looks so cute!

    1. Thanks Pam! Seeing as my fabric wanted to twist like crazy, the extra fabric was a saving grace for these curtains at least.

      p.s. I gave a quick peek to see if you have a blog and it looks like congratulations are in order for a new little girl!


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