The Latest Makings

Sewed simple tab top curtains for my son's room this past week.

Isn't he the sweetest?

I think I'm averaging about one sewing project a month this year.  I have space in the basement that I can set up my sewing things but I have no inclination whatsoever to spend time down there at the end of the day when I could be hanging out with my husband instead.

So when I sew, I do it in the middle of the day.  In the kitchen.
Since three of the four of the kids are always awake and about, I sew quickly and use a minimal amount of tools -- scissors, the occasional pin, a measuring tape, and whatever pen or pencil is floating around nearby.

I do a lot of eye-balling for measuring, folding instead of dividing in numbers, and using one piece as a template for the next.  Whenever I can, I rip instead of cut.  It makes for straight lines but rather messy seams.

I put my ironing board next to the oven and the iron on the stove top.  The cord stays on the counters out of reach and the kids already associate the stove with hot things which makes it easier to keep them from getting too close to the iron.

Six month old Evie likes to stay underfoot ;).

I set up my Bernina at the kitchen table where it becomes the top motivator for me to expeditiously complete whatever project is on the docket for the day.  Can't very well serve a meal on a table covered with sewing things now can ya?  Also, two year old Jack likes to drop pins into the inner recesses of the machine and I have this sneaking suspicion that one of these days I'm going to hit the pedal and the whole darn thing is going to go up in smoke.

Sometimes to avoid all of that hassle, I round up a needle and thread and make something the old fashioned way.

My not-so-pretty planner is a bit more appealing now.  Fall is a good time for making book covers, I think.

p.s. If needle and thREAD goes up this week, I'll update with the latest readings, too.


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