For the Mini Book Lover? A "Quiet Time" Apron!

Brace yourselves, there's probably going to be a slew of posts as I catch up on all of the most recent makings.  

Not long ago my friend Jacqueline commissioned me to make her sweet little girl an apron and when asked if she had any special requests, she gave me the best possible answer "no particular color in mind - let your creative juices flow."

Well you know that means I agonized for weeks over the millions of children's prints on the market right now. Princesses? Kittens? Hedgehogs? (Not even joking -- there are some shockingly adorable hedgehog fabrics out there.) And then I came upon "Quiet Time" by Michael Miller and knew it was just the thing.

Lil Miss Abigail, the apron recipient, is a book lover. A mini me of her mother, no doubt!

The sewing pattern is a tried and true one that you've seen before (think here, and here), but with a twist. Instead of square pockets, this one has "open book" pockets with fussy cut images from the main fabric for the spines.

Aprons are so fun to make! Why do I forget this? If you know the sewing basics and need a creative fix, make an apron.  It will do you good.

Happily, the apron fit Abigail with a little room to grow.

(Embroidered on one pocket is "by ACK" -- for that day when she writes her own book.)

Cutie pie!

In this last pic you can just barely see her little sister wearing the first apron I made for Abigail for her birthday years ago.  Hop over to Jacqueline's blog and there's a better photo of that one on spunky little Eleanor (here).  Same sewing pattern, different flare.

Now, go make an apron ;).


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