Silhouettes - A Crafting Detour

I know, I know.  This is a SEWING blog, already, not a crafting blog!  Does it count that there is bias tape and some sort of silvery-trimmy stuff involved?

In the kitchen we had this wall.  This very, very, BARE wall.  It needed art, like I needed me some family silhouettes.  Aren't they fun?

My little band of profile art is a work in progress.  In my mind, silhouettes on a blank white canvas sounded chic in an understated way, but then they looked boring instead of classy, so I threw some trims around them. Like so:

I planned to have canvases without frames as you can see in this next picture.  (My apologies for the blur)

But there was something amiss.  Incomplete.

Enter some lovely 'vintage' frames in the appropriate size.

It took me three weeks to paint them because I'm quick like that.

And of course I wanted all of them white, but if I waited for them to be white before posting about it, you'd be reading this next year instead!

It's never until you take a picture that you notice your artwork isn't centered on the shelf, huh?

In case you want to see my other works, I give you my handsome husband and myself.

I don't know what I was thinking by making us look the same direction.  (BTW, we are on smaller canvases -- hence the lack of white space.)  I've already painted over my husband's face with the plan to repaint him looking the opposite direction.  Gotta have our silhouettes making eyes at each other.  Hehe.  Not sure where in the house these two characters will end up.

An added bonus to this whole project was finding out whose profile we bequeathed to our children.

It appears my oldest got her father's nose, eh?

Kinda wish we had a family pet to feature in silhouette.  Might I be a little bit too in love with this whole silhouette thing?


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