Sewing Class - Apron Creations!

The ladies who took my (first ever!) beginner sewing class (mentioned here) were super fabulous.  Above, the charming Chribis works her bold and beautiful apron creation.  Below, the lovely Dawn sparkles in all her home made hot pinkness.

Can you believe such skill from a girl that never touched a sewing machine in her life?

I'm looking forward to teaching another class if I can find more victims students.  All in all, it was a great learning experience for me.  Here's hoping no one's sewing career has been permenantly damaged by my fumbling help. 

Thanks for the fun and frills ladies!  We should totally get together once a month for some social sewing...

Snipper Details:  Simplicity Pattern #2555 for both styles.  Children's sizing included.  Chribis' apron is also available in the Simplicity "It's So Easy" line of patterns, #2319.

Chipper Pattern Review:  The best part of this pattern is that the neck tie is adjustable (the waist tie tightens the part that loops around the neck).  Practical and cute!


  1. I am working on this pattern (view B) right now -- a child's size version for my son, who likes to cook. I'm not getting the arm facing to fit properly -- when I do what the pattern tells me to do, it doesn't fit the front piece properly. Did you encounter this?

  2. Hi Lori -- Thanks for stopping by! Yes, I remember having difficulty with the facing for the arm area where the drawstring goes through. It has been a couple of years since I've made this pattern so I can't remember the particulars, unfortunately. If the facing doesn't match and you've tried everything you can think of to make them look nice, you could scrap the pattern facings and trace your own apron front and make new facings that match exactly. (I'd be tempted to trace the arm side exactly and make the other side 1/4" wider because the facing seemed unnecessarily narrow to me.) Not sure if this suggestion is what you are looking for but I hope you can get it to work for you one way or another! ~ Liz


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