Softie Flip Doll

Saw this softie flip doll over at Prudent Baby and thought I'd give it a shot for Native #2's first birthday.  Each page has a rhyme:
Rock-a-bye, baby, thy cradle is green.

Father's a nobleman.

Mother's a queen;

And Betty's a lady who wears a gold ring;

And Johnny's a drummer and drums for the king.

Holy smokes, this doll was labor intensive!  The original version was probably not as labor intensive as my version, but I couldn't help myself and tweeked it a few million times.  What can I say?  Sewing is like cooking.  You can't help but throw in a dash of this and a dash of that to make it your own.

Had a few hair pulling out technical difficulties along the way.  I learned that sewing on vinyl is impossible without tissue paper over it.  TAKE MY ADVICE: put tissue paper over your vinyl.  And while you are at it, restrain from using velvet of any sort.  Should you make the mistake of using velvet and thereby ruin the bottom half of your queen, do not - under any circumstance - use a metalic brocade for your replacement fabric.  Those darn brocades, they shred you know.

A few of the innovations were made for longevity's sake.  I put vinyl over the words, because printer ink is water soluble.  Also, I used a satin embroidery stitch to keep everything from fraying.  Got the idea from the artist Chris Roberts Antieau (I know someone who used to sew for her).  Some of the other changes I made had to do with necessity.  For example, I didn't have felt for the baby's hair, but I did have yarn!

If I ever make another one (say, ten years from now), I would make the baby part a little bit bigger around because it looks smaller after it's stuffed.  Also, I wouldn't attach the Betty all cock-eyed!  Or burn the first blue ribbon with my iron.  Or...

All in all, it turned out pretty darn fantastic, if I don't say so myself!


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