Adventures In Wallet Making

I could never remember I needed a new wallet until I was in the checkout line fishing through my tattered old one with the ripped lining and embarrassingly dirty exterior.

I needed something fresh -- preferably made out of happy colors and fibers found in nature.  

Old & New

Improvement?  I think so.

I didn't get it perfect, but it's functional and cute IMHO.

Wallet making is basically a layering game. Starting at the top and working downward through the sections helped simplify it. I did everything I could think of to eliminate bulk, but seam grading is something I need to figure out in the future.  I interfaced almost everything, used some thin batting, and tucked in two pieces of cardboard for shaping purposes -- one on either end.

I couldn't find any clear vinyl in my stash for the license sleeve and had to use packaging. I was able to cut out the piece from the little vinyl pocket and keep the rest of the bag intact.  

The packaging was less flexible than the kind of vinyl you find at the store. It got ever-so-slightly damaged when I attached the front of the wallet to the back. I should have used something to protect it when I put the pieces together.

An orange zipper from my stash added some punch.  You know what would have looked cool?  One of those fancy colorful aluminum zippers that are popular these days.  This one did the trick, though.  No complaints here.

I had snaps from that camo duvet and I was going to use them but I lost the instructions.  It did not go well.

I gotta tell ya, it was a bit touch and go until a large metal snap saved the day.


If you recall, I have a soft spot for this large retro print fabric and I'm a longtime fan of pin dot (the fancy name for this orange fabric with the tiny white spots).

The button is just for looks.  It was pretty much the only large one I had hanging around.

Good enough for me.

Gosh I love this crazy vintage fabric.


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