Five Reasons Fabric Wallets Are Fabulous

Okay, I've toted around the wallet you see pictured here (which I posted as Adventures In Wallet Making) for a couple of weeks now and I feel compelled to write a second post extolling it's utter awesomeness.  Even I was taken aback by my great affection for this baby.

I am in love.  Let me count the ways:

1. Fabric wallets are roomie. This wallet technically has the same amount of space as the old store-bought vinyl wallet I used as a pattern, but the fabric isn't stiff so I can tuck my keys and phone right inside of it.  I like to use the pocket behind my credit cards, but the zippered coin pocket would work too.

2.  Fabric wallets can be customized.  Need more pockets?  Make more! Need less?  Well, you get the picture.

3. Pretty. Pretty. Prints.  And colors.  And textures.  And ahhhhh....seasonal goodness.  There are a million fantastic fabrics out there!  Home dec fabric comes to mind.

4. Throw on a removable strap and you have yourself a wallet-y purse-y accessory thingy.  (I know, a fashion design graduate should be better at talking shop, but alas...I have no brain for that sort of thing.)  I really wish I had thought to add a removable strap to mine.

5. Supplies are cheap!  Let's face it, not all sewing is cost effective. Clothing, for example, can be quite expensive, but small projects like this?  Won't set you back any more than a latte and scone. You have to be able to sew, of course.  So that's something, but maybe the non-sewers among you have a doting aunt or gullible friend who might accept the challenge.  Couldn't hurt to ask!  I suggest bribery in Godiva form, but that's just me.

What do you think?  Are you feeling the fabric wallet love yet?

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably note that despite shameless public flaunting on my part, this particular wallet has received not a single hint of stranger admiration.

It appears the masses are unimpressed.  But you guys get me, right?


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