Camouflage Duvet Covers

Ok, so I'm not sure how to photograph a camo duvet cover to it's best advantage, but I think ya get the general idea here.

One thing that keeps sewing fresh for me is that the projects I do are all over the map.  And that's why I share all of my random creations on this blog, because you never know what will inspire someone to try sewing!  Are you inspired by camouflage?

Now, around these here parts, hunting is big and there are quite a few little boys who go nuts over anything having to do with shooting 'wild' animals... like corn fed deer.  A friend from my daughter's dance class asked me to put two of these twin-size duvets together for her boys.  If you live in estrogen-central like me, you might not know that this type of camo print (it's a twill, maybe the weight of a light denim) is not easy to come by.  I guess this fabric is from Hobby Lobby, if you would like to score some for yourself.

Anywho-ha, the big experiment with this project was....drum roll please........snaps!  I don't try/buy new stuff much (I hardly have the chance to perfect the tricks I already know), but I've been dying to try snaps.  And I don't know about you, but I HATE the way all of my duvet covers come unbuttoned at the ends.  The snaps were super easy and fun (confession, I did ruin the first one by using the wrong attachment on the tool, but luckily I had extra).  Looked appropriate on camo, too.

In this picture, do you notice how uneven the stitching is?  I have this problem with my Bernina sewing machine all of the time - especially on thick fabrics. It's like it doesn't grip the fabric well enough, or I man-handle the fabric too much.  Is it me, or the machine?  Any advice?

These are the type of snaps I used.  They are kinda pricey, but I got them with a coupon for around $4:

Here's a picture of the snaps open.  Single-fold bias tape worked great for strength. For good measure, I reinforced the bias tape with a little square of fusible interfacing at each snap:

The back of the duvet was a dark brown.

You can google "How to make a duvet?" online to find out the dimensions and instructions to make any size duvet.  Sheets are even easier to use than by-the-yard fabric, and sometimes cheaper.  Either way, you'll save yourself a boat load of cash.  Duvets are definitely one of those mysteriously over-priced consumer products.

Go forth and duvet!


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