There's Always A Solution!

Who would have guessed?  My mother is a master problem solver and came up with a feasible solution to my puckering taffeta problem.  Iron and steam the ever-loving heck out of it!  She tested a scrap and since it didn't ruin the fabric scrap, I gave it a shot.  You be the judge.

Pucker Before:

Pucker After:

Not perfect, but I'll consider it a success.  Hopefully I can get a picture of the little girl in her First Communion dress for you all to see!

Snipper Tip:  (aka Pressing 101) When pressing seams open, it's a good idea to place a strip of heavy paper between the seam allowance and the fabric, like so:

This way, you don't make an impression of the seam allowance on the visible side of the fabric. Especially important when working with seams that have been serged in advance.  Nothing worse than getting permanent-press stitch impressions on your beautiful work!


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