Oh The Tortures!!!

Some fabric is evil.  Evil, I tell you!  I'm working on a sweet little lining for a sheer vintage First Communion dress, and I'm beginning to loath the day I accepted the project! The mom picked out a thick, shiny sort of taffeta that puckers at the seams.  (I'd post a picture for you to see, but my patience has been sucked out of me and would definitely not survive the uploading process.)  I practiced around on some scraps and found out that the seams lie beautifully flat when sewn with the grain and pucker when sewn perpendicular to the grain.  This means *gasp* that all of the obvious seams, namely the side seams and center back seam, pucker to high heaven.  WHAT?  WHAT TO DO?  I've changed needles and adjusted the tension.  I've ran my fingers along the seam to 'stretch' it.  My mother, so helpfully, mentioned that maybe I could hand stitch the seams.  Since I'm not getting paid enough for that sort of thing, I need better advice....or maybe advice I like better?


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