Sleeping Bag Dolls, Slippers, and Splurges

Thank ya'll for your kind responses to Sleeping Bag Dolls Available to Buy!  The little blond doll is sold, but the brown haired doll set is still looking for a new mommy.  I will also be posting pics of my red-haired girl soon.  Here's a sneak peek of her craftily quilted bag...

I've been thinking about felt doll food.  My thoughts are so dangerous...

In other news, I was getting kinda bored with the same old booties, so I made a pair by cutting the sleeves off of a baby sweater (that somehow managed to remain tagged and unworn for the last four years).  Definitely my favorite style bootie so far.  There's a wee bit of room for improvement because I'm not all crazy about the white bias tape binding, but otherwise I was quite satisfied with the results! I'm such a sucker for cable knit.  Next slipper season, if I get my hands on a scarf or two, we're in trouble!

(hmmm...maybe my grayed photos could use some improvement too)

And last but not least, it's amazing what kind of fun a girl can have on a $16 fabric shopping spree.  So many ideas, so little time!

P.S.:  Chipper Snipper Tip:  It's pretty much common knowledge among sewers that if you serge your fabrics before you wash them, you can avoid an irritating web of frayed fabrics in your dryer.  I almost never do this because I'm a) too lazy, b) too tired, c) too excited to get my lovelies pre-shrunk to be sidetracked by a trip to the machine.  However, I serged this time and it was totally worth it. I hereby endorse serging -- especially on quarter and eigth yard pieces.


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