The Dress Ain't Happening.

You might recall, I was going to attempt to enter the Shabby Apple contest Dare to Design, which I mentioned here.  Yeeeeaaaaaah.  Probably not happening.  I suppose I do have a fighting chance to finish it by tomorrow's deadline.  All I have left is to attach a sleeve, insert a zipper, design and finish a neckline, and sew a hem.  No problemo!  My one-year-old can sketch out the neckline while I do the zipper and my three-year-old pins the hem.  We just have to finish it in the next five hours, because I have plans for tonight.  No naps for anyone, there's work to do!  Tomorrow I'll wear it on our trip to the zoo and take some fashion shots next to an exotic animal or two.  If I'm lucky, the warthogs will be sunning themselves and I can pose with them.  Then I can mention in the explanation of my design, "I loved the juxtaposition of the softly flowing fabric against the hairy pig."  Besides, nothing says spring fashions like a nice moist set of nostrils.

Procrastination, oh how I love you.  Maybe we'll aim for next year's deadline.  Sad, though, because it really is a stellar dress.  I can't wait to finish it so that I can wear it!  (And blog about it, of course!)


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