The Start of Something Big

If you recall, I had been looking for a fabric to "help" this chair via some sort of covering:
Furniture reno hasn't technically made it onto our financial to do list, but the general ugliness of all of my living room seating is wearing upon my beauty-loving nerves and I've been keeping my eyes out for some inexpensive fabric to, if nothing else, neutralize the look of things.
I've been scouting around online but the other day in Joann's I finally got a chance to take a peek at their selection of duck cloth, which I hear is a suitable fabric for slipcovering.  Noticing that it was NOT on sale, I dug through my purse and found a glorious 60% off coupon! 
You had better believe that at $4 a yard, I bought the entire bolt!
Washed and big wrinkles eradicated! Phew, was that a lot of work.
Ten yards, sitting there on my ironing board, staring at me for almost a week.
I'm terrified to begin.
What if I forget to cut the seam allowance and sew it up and it's too tight?!  What if the cording is impossible?!  What if my machine refuses to sew the thick fabric and the whole thing is for naught?!
These, my friends, are the doubts that assail me.
I think I'll procrastinate a bit longer.


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