Making Progress

Pieces are cut!  The chair is going to have a skirt and I will wait to cut those pieces until everything in the picture is sewn.  It doesn't look pretty yet but at least the scary part is over.

The game plan was to cut the fabric just like the original chair covering and assemble it the same way.  Since I can't make it "fitted" without some way to get it on and off of the chair, I've decided to have a Velcro opening on one side in the back.  Hopefully that will work!

p.s.  I attempted to reduce the grammatical errors in the last post.  My apologies!


  1. Hi!!! It's been ages since I've stopped by ~ sorry! So glad to see you are able to get some projects accomplished :-) The sling rack was a clever idea and turned out so well, as did the rocking chair ~ why on earth are you worried about the trampoline chair?? Silly girl! You've got this!!
    regarding the slightly too big, but corded, back cushion - could you wrap the thing in batting and then stuff it in? That'd help fill it out a bit, maybe.....
    Take care ~ Tracy

    1. Well howdy! Needle and thREAD needs to make a return because I miss "seeing" you (and all the ladies there)! Though I admit I check in on you now and then to admire your quilts ;).

      You would be proud of me, Tracy -- a couple of days ago I made the rest of the slipcover (except for the skirt part) and the thing was kind of a stinker but I am happy with the results so far. Looks like a totally different chair. I have to take a break from it all though because I have several commissioned sewing projects (involving pattern drafting) that are taking priority. Need to be done in two weeks and I'm...well...I haven't really started cutting.

      Anyway, thanks for stopping in. God bless you and your fam!

      ~ Liz


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