Starting "That Chair"

Well, it's started.  That chair.  This chair:
(I know, I know.  The RUG!  Try to pretend it's not there, okay?  Or admire it's softness perhaps?  Believe you me, it's so lush you could mow it. ;o)
Where was I?  Fabric.  Sewing.
As you no doubt recall, slipcovering the chair has been on my to-do list for a few weeks now.  I've been wanting to get to it so badly and yet NOT AT ALL because slipcovering is chore sewing.  Nothing but work.
Procrastination ruled until Evie, my one-year-old, was sweet enough to make the picture of the ugly floral chair my smartphone screensaver for a week.  Yuck!  Time to put on the big girl panties and just do it.
At least part of it.
Sorry about the less than stellar pic.  I tried.
I sewed the seat cushion first and was shocked when it came together quite effortlessly.  I highly recommend nursing a baby once or twice during a sewing project so that you have plenty of problem-solving thinking time.  Works wonders!
Late night sewing pics :o).
I'm not as impressed with the back cushion.  Apparently I didn't do nearly enough nursing during the process because I kept making mistakes and in the end it turned out a bit too big.  It doesn't look nearly as polished as the seat and if it weren't for the cording, I'd make it smaller in a heartbeat.  The cording, however, turns a five minute job into an hour long ordeal that I really don't care to undertake.
Time for more stuffing???
Hopefully once the entire chair is slipcovered, the whole thing will look casually comfortable and make more sense.  I have a big order of fabric coming in the mail soon (super exciting!) and I want to "clear my plate" before it arrives which means this should get done ASAP.  All I need is more thread.

Oh goodness, I need to tell you my thread story.
First off, I stole the upholstery thread.
Not intentionally.  I accidently forgot to pay for it with the rest of my items (after standing in line at the cutting counter for an hour) and found it in the the parking freezing cold weather...with the very hungry tired baby already strapped into her seat.  I briefly considered driving to the loading zone, leaving the baby in the car by herself, running into the store and chucking it somewhere and running back out.  But I didn't because that seemed like maybe a bad parenting decision.  So, instead I took the darn thing with me and kept very careful track of it and went back to the store to pay for it as soon as I had the chance.  And then I brought it home and promptly lost it.
Yes, after all of that, I cannot find it to save my life.  Believe me, I have looked!  I even checked the collection of poopy diapers in my garage trash to see if the thread bag was used to wrap one of them.  I'm sure you will be relieved to know that it was not.**
Fortunately, I was able to rustle up a half spool of heavy duty thread which, unfortunately, ran out.
**Update -- just now the husband says "Yes, I saw that thread last night.  I think I picked it up and put it on a shelf.  I have no idea where it is though."
Oh well, at least the cushions are done.


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