Store Bought Clothing -- Inspiring Details

Some sewers, sewists?, are apt to criticize store bought clothing, but I'm not one of those people!  I love to look at ready made garments to learn about construction and get new inspiration.  Here are some delightful details from my own closets.

This Ann Taylor Loft skirt has inside-out decorative seams that are ingenious!

A lovely use for that scalloped embroidery stitch, don't you think?

These next pictures are of the inside of a child's coat.  Contrast binding!

Polka dots!

If the garment requires binding anyway, why not have some fun?

Contrast linings are fun too, come to mention it, but I don't have any in my closet.

The next set of pictures is of a summer dress with some pretty petite trim inset into the seams
This one is of the back bodice.

Subtle but interesting.
Time and talent went into this construction -- though I'm thinking nimble fingers created it in a fraction of the amount of time it would take me to do half as nice of a job!

(I found two of these dresses at Goodwill in just the right sizes.  Score!)

This last pic is of a pocket ruffle on the back of a pair of child's corduroys.

A bit of velvet trim and gathered fabric changes the whole look.

Oftentimes I'm in such a rush when I sew that I forget to invest a bit of thought into the details and that is such a shame!  Next time I have the opportunity to put together an item of clothing, I will definitely have to take it up a notch.  How about you?


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