Blogging {and sewing} Might Be A Bit Light

Hi Friends!  Just wanted to bop in and say that blogging might be a bit on the light side around here.  I will try, try, try, try! to get to the machine as often as I can, but I'm in one of those parenting seasons that poses a bit of a challenge.

Hey Mom, there's nothing in here to eat!

You see, I have a beautiful bouncing baby boy that is just tall enough to pull things off of tables....wet things, dry things, hot things, cold things, sharp get the picture.  I shudder at the very thought of using an iron within twenty feet of the dear child.  Alas, daytime sewing is off limits during his waking hours.

And then, there are my two little princess who love life so much they want to savor every moment -- especially the moments after lights-out when I would like to be sewing!  Oh ya'll, we've been clocking some pretty late nights around here...

all dolled up for Christmas last year

I do have a project, a birthday present, that needs to be finished by Saturday.  If, God willing, I get it done, I'll try to post a pic or two.

Please do still check in with me from time to time -- miraculous sewing opportunities might just pop up and brand me a liar!  I hope so!  But if they don't, know that I'll be thinking about this place and  dreaming of having enough energy to do some sewing.

If you have free hands and time, carry the sewing torch for me?


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