Birthday {Felt} Cupcakes

Are you a cupcake fan?  Me too!  Especially the felt kind :o).  This little half-dozen batch of cupcakes was made for a sweet four-year-old girl who invited us to her super cool and fun Pinkalicious themed birthday party.

If it helps you to get a sense of proportion, the ribbon is 1.5 inches wide.  I know you've seen me use this ribbon before and I'm sad to say that I'm running low on my stash!  I bought it's perfectly pleated goodness in the basement of a shop in Toronto about a decade ago and haven't seen any since.  Any ideas where I might find more?

Included in the gift was also a small table cloth (about 17x17) I made out of a half of a yard of purple cupcake fabric, six small napkins, and the little metal platter.

Word to the wise, if you ever decide to make small napkins, it's a great time saver to start with them all attached the long way (which is hard to explain, but easy to do) and then cut them apart before you press and sew the sides.

I think I finally figured out a good 'recipe' for the frosting.  

My five year old decide which poof colors to use with which felt colors.  They are hot glued on.

Inspired by some of the cool cats on Etsy, I picked up a treat box from the cake aisle of the craft store.  The girls decorated it with stickers.

Lots of fun for me, the girls, and hopefully the birthday princess!


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