Gift Tags Out of Old Christmas Cards

I hope you don't mind a quick crafting post...

Sometimes I keep old Christmas cards because I love the images on them and plan to use them for something, someday.  Does anyone else do this?

This year, maybe you can join me and use those old cards to make gift tags.  My mother-in-law lent me this snazzy hole punch, but I think I might need to invest in one of my own!

You can see the dimensions of the tag on the punch.  It's the big size, but not very big.  Just right to highlight a special scene.  A shape, a  face, a color...

You can get a few tags out of each card if you plan ahead.  And the up-and-down orientation looks great too.

Doesn't it make you feel good to make beautiful, useful things out of 'trash'?  That little red bird makes me smile.

Peaceful Christmas preparations to you, dear friends.


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