Felt "Cookies" Made By Kids

On the rare occasion that I bring out a needle and thread during the waking hours, my kids want to join in.  At four and two years of age, it can be challenging to placate their desire to "make something too."  Lucky for me, they are equally happy with glue as they are with sharp sewing instruments, so we engage in a sort of pseudo sewing.  I do the cutting and they do the rest.

This week I was working on felt treats (as I mentioned in the last post) and they wanted to join in the fun.  We "sewed" felt cookies instead.

* I realize now the close vicinity of my two-year-old to the sharpest scissors known to man. Parental FAIL.*

* Felt scraps are the best *

 * Totally unimpressed boy child *

They got "sewing" out of their system and were entertained for a full....ten minutes.

We'll chalk that up to a win.


Here's a sneak peek of what's under my needle:


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