A New Chipper Snipper Website Feature

As you may very well have noticed by now, there is a brand spankin' new "Project Gallery" slideshow working away at the top of the page.  What do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Please, please tell me the hours I spent linking photos to posts was well worthwhile???  If not, tell me that too!!!  Especially you slow-internet people.  I HAVE BEEN THERE, my friends...if that silly little slideshow makes this site maddening to view, drop a comment, will ya?  I will move mountains (and galleries) for you.


  1. I think it is WAY COOL! What a sneaky way to get people to stay on your blog and convenient way for readers to revisit patterns they like. My only suggestion is to make it bigger - some of the pictures are too small to see what's going on.

    1. Good idea - I made it the next size up. I wish I could figure out how to make the background of the slideshow white instead of black, but I don't know code :o(.

  2. If you send it to me, I'll take a look at it. My knowledge is pretty sketchy, so no promises, but I think I might be able to figure it out...

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