Kitchen Curtains - The Reveal

If you recall, there was a particular set of sheets destined to become new kitchen curtains.

Well I finished them this morning and, in my humble opinion, they totally rock.  I have three windows in the kitchen of my rental house.  One big, two small.

For the larger window, I made a traditional set of panels:

The fabric looks much more stripe-y hanging up, doesn't it?

I didn't want a whole stripe-y curtained kitchen, and I realized I probably woudn't appreciate all of the light filtering into the kitchen to have a yellow tint, so I decided to have a bit of fun with the other two smaller windows...

Pretty funky, huh?  I like that they turned out kinda modern looking.  Despite the fact that I don't know anything about mitered corners other than that I LOVE them, they were a success. 

*Sigh.*  Don't you just love mitered corners, too?


For my readers who like the technical side of things, here is a view of the back:

For my readers who feel better about their lives when they see other people's messes:

And for my readers who wonder what the kitchen looked like before we painted it:

It was yucky, yucky tan!  (The whole house was - gross!) And don't get me started on the nasty unpainted trim!  Anywho, much better with gray walls and white trim, nu?

(my kitchen on a cleaner day)

Yay for gray and yellow, and new kitchen curtains.


  1. Loverly as always! I thought of a similar fabric for my new laundry room curtains. I'll email you pictures of the fabric I picked. Did I mention I'm learning to sew?

    1. Sweet! Send me pics! Are you going to make the curtains yourself?

  2. Yes...with the help of my teacher...

  3. They look so awesome! You are so inspiring : ) I am totally going to remember this post when I finally have a real space to decorate!

  4. Ugh. Don't you hate the nomadic existence of law school? I still feel like a nomad - which is probably why it took me almost a year to try to pretty up the place. Can't wait until we purchase a house. I've spent too many years looking at the world through vertical blinds!!!


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