Kitchen Curtains and How Target Saved The Day

My new obsessions with gray and yellow have led me down the perilous path of kitchen redecorating.

My husband repainted the kitchen in a fabulous shade of light gray and I thought I'd get all brave and pair it with bright yellow accents.  I figured I'd tie the whole color palette together with the curtains.

Armed with nothing but enthusiasm, I hit up the local fabric store in search of a yellow and gray fabric.  (I'm not brave enough to shop fabric online yet.)  I knew I wouldn't find much, but secretly hoped to score something fabulous.

They had one yellow and gray print.  One.

Switching gears, I moved on to other stores.  Three home decorating places later, I was still empty-handed.  Apparently yellow is not in and I am sooooooo not fashionable!!!  Who knew?  And it wasn't as though I just looked at kitchen curtains.  Fabric is fabric you know -- I scoured everything made on a loom: table cloths, shower curtains, scarves.  Nothing.  That is, until I hit up Target and finally found my colors in the form of sheets & duvets.

Be still my heart.

Not sure what I liked better, I came home with this yellow and gray print sheet set:

And also, this duvet set:

My husband thinks the duvet set is a tad bit too tropical, so I'm sticking with the first print.  The curtains are already in the works.  You should know, I'm toying with mitered corners this time.  Stay tuned for pictures. 

On a side note, since the sheets only set me back $14.99, I may have also snagged this:

Really, how could I resist?


  1. I hope I can find café kitchen curtain in red/white check with matching valance. Anyone know where?


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