Door Curtain

Goodness gracious, I do have a difficult time photographing window treatments to their best advantage.  Light problems, my friends.  Please somebody tell me the photographic secret to beautiful window pictures!

Anywho, our rental's kitchen door is old-school.  It has a window and a big one at that.  I never remember to take pictures of 'before,' but here is the 'after' photo.

When we moved in, this door was graced with mini blinds that had been notched out in an oh-so-special way around the door handle.  After we painted, my husband asked - please would I replace the blinds with "some sort of curtain or something?"

Why, yes.  Yes, I would.

I picked up sash rods for a couple of bucks and a quilting cotton for $5.37.  I purchased a length of fabric 6" longer than my window and that was almost exactly the right amount - I had an inch left over.

I used the full width of the fabric and since I'm not all that hot with measurements, I created the casing for the upper rod first, hung up the curtain, and then pinned where the lower casing and fold needed to be.

I especially love how this particular white-on-white calico makes it look like the curtain has more gathering in it than it actually does.  

The sash rod is supposed to be flush with the door, but this picture shows the mechanics of the thing.  Also, if I understand it correctly, the you are not really supposed to see the rod at all.

All in all, a door curtain is a super, uper, shmuper easy project.

And just in case you wondered, you can't see through it at night.  My husband checked.

Carrots anyone?


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