Sewing the Three-Year-Old Way

Since my sewing supplies are currently in the corner of our (thankfully large!) living room, they often attract the attention of my two little women.  Usually I just walk into the living room to find a spiderweb of thread originating in my thread drawer and spanning the length of the room, but sometimes the three-year-old Roo (almost four) really does want to 'sew.'  She is not at all trustworthy with a needle or machine and I can't afford her creative cutting, but we have found a fun substitute.  Yes, we play with pins.

Here's what we do.  While my youngest is napping, I let Roo pick a fabric out of my stash. She asks for some trims, so I also let her choose a bag.  I've separated my trims into bags of different colors and I let her pick a color.  Pink and yellow are rather popular around here! Then, I set up the ironing board and we throw the fabric on top of it, grab a magnet full of pins, and play.  She loves to poke the pins through the fabric and into the ironing board.

If I'm really lazy, I bring us a couple of chairs and park her on one side and myself on the other.  She likes me to participate and I've found it can be quite relaxing to pin away at random!  Eventually our creation becomes a big mess of fabric, trims, and pins.  Just the way she likes it.

When we finished this particular masterpiece, she turned to me and said, "Here Momma, your bathing suit is ready."

Sometimes the (almost) two-year-old gets in on the action.  Yesterday while I put up some curtains in my bedroom, the girls created this:

It's a dress, in case you wondered.


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