Oh How I Miss Thee!

Dear sewing machine, how I miss thee!!!  I was flipping through old posts tonight and realized how rarely I've been able to sew lately and how very sad that makes me.  It's summertime, after all, and summer sewing is sinfully rewarding - the projects so simple, the results so fabulous!  I dream of sun dresses (big and little), floral-y bags, and fluttery curtains.  But alas, sewing and I are at odds right now.

You see, I have another project in the works. I'm putting together something really, really, really special and it's taking up all of my energy.  I'm so preoccupied, I can hardly eat or sleep.  The thought of doing anything else makes me want to hurl (quite literally).  It's as though all things have lost their luster in comparison to this great project that I slave over night and day.  Even trims have ceased to satisfy (not to mention chocolate).  

Surely in a few more weeks my work will be far enough along that I can crawl back to my beautiful, lonely Bernina and whip up something delightful.

In the meantime, I miss you, dear sewing machine.


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