Maternity Dresses

A friend handed-me-down a couple of maternity dresses.  Cute ones!  Same style, too different fabrics.

They were two letter sizes too big and skimmed the floor. (She knows I "fix things.")

Inside out to show the new stitch lines.  I trimmed off the extra.

A wise person would probably have saved them for the "big" stage, but I thought it a shame to let two perfectly good summer dresses hang unworn until the 3rd trimester.  Might as well get an extra couple of months out of them!

I took in the armpits, left some extra room in the rib zone, and chopped a couple of inches off of the skirts.

Ever notice how maternity bodices of the tank variety tend to be narrow at the neck and cross-busted?  As lovely as it is, this style can be rather high maintenance.  It almost always requires:

1)  A camisole/tank for frontal modesty (or at the very least, a hole-inducing safety pin).

2)  A racer-back bra

Two things I just don't care to think about on a hot day in June!!! It was ninety humid degrees here in the midwest last week.

To fix, I put a good solid set of stitches right there in the center front to keep that v-neck in check.  Blessed pattern didn't show a thing.

And to deal with the racer-back bra issue (since I don't have one in a pregnancy size), I re-purposed an old convertible bra strap.  To do the same, just cut it off at about 7" and loop one end.

Hooked around the back straps of the bra, it makes a functional converter.  Basically, the DIY version of this.  Only, made out of an old wrinkled elastic strap.  Classy.

Here's the second dress:


Oh, and by the way, it's a boy :o).


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