Slipcovering! Part II

Sheeeeee's done!

Part I, if you missed it.

I prefer her photos in black and white.

So sleek.  So classy.  So...not brick red!  Improvement?  Yes.

The before and after:

I seem to have forgotten to take the exact same "after" pic as the "before" but I think you get the idea.

Turns out I didn't have to hit the fabric store for serger thread and was able to finish up the finishing sooner than I had anticipated.  (Plus, I told myself that I couldn't start painting the basement until I polished off the chair and I really want to start painting the basement. :o)

My poor serger.  It hasn't been in use for a while and here's how I found it...

I don't deserve to have nice things!

No fear, it cleaned up nicely -- which is good because it had a lot of work to do.

Pro tip:  The key to re-threading a serger is confidence.  They can smell fear. 
There were all sorts of options for putting the slit in the skirt for the recliner arm, but I ended up just doing this.

The fabric shows through and a flap is probably needed behind.  Or maybe I'll safety pin a piece of fabric there and call it good.

More angles of everything:

The original footrest skirt I made oh-so-long-ago is too short, but I can live with it.

In case you were wondering, this was the audience while I took pictures:
She's been so pleasant since she decided she can run on half hour naps.

Anyway, that's about it.  Oh, except that I put ties at the back of the seat cushion cover. 
I was happy to find an anchoring solution as that was the only part of the slipcover that had me worried.  Hopefully all of the pieces stay in place because reaching into the recesses of this recliner is terrifying.  You're apt to lose a finger.
She's not perfect, but we like her!
I'm on the hunt for a cute decorative throw pillow.  Maybe pink velvet.
Here's my next chair that needs slipcovering:
Ain't she a beaut????
The little kids like to pull off the cushions and turn it into a mini-trampoline.  It gets a lot of hard use but I don't want to spend much money on it so I'm having a hard time deciding what type of fabric to use.  Duck cloth is a popular choice for slipcovers and at $7-$8 per yard (for 60" width), it's certainly the most economical option when you need 8 yards, but I was hoping for a light gray fabric and I can't seem to find light gray duck cloth.  Medium gray sure.  Light gray?  Not so much!  Also, for stain hiding purposes, a patterned fabric would be preferable, even if it is tone-on-tone or part of the weave.
I thought I found something I wanted but it didn't work out.
The fabric search continues.  Any suggestions?


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