"Evie" in Wire Art!


When I was in the process of opening my Etsy shop many moons ago, I "met" a lovely lady from Australia (Tasmania, no less!) named Jane who makes enchanting fabric and wire art. She heard of the birth of my little Evie and sent a sweet rendering of her name which I have been wanting to share with you guys.
Isn't it delightful?  "Evie" in Jane's own handwriting.
Her choice of fabric couldn't have been more perfect because I immediately wanted to display it with a precious pic of my sleeping babe.  (It only took how many months to actually do it?)
While brainstorming on ways to mount both picture and name, I discovered today that weaving embroidery floss through burlap is my new favorite pastime!  Why didn't I think to scatter a few thread flowers around the border?
Do try embroidering burlap when you get the chance!
And see what Jane is up to at her Planet Joy facebook page and Etsy shop :o).  I love, love, love her happy ribbon wreaths.

Thank you Jane!
p.s.  My sleeping babe today:
Also known as "Queen Sticky Hair."


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