Ever! Ever, ever, ever, ever, ever buy navy blue and white chevron again.  In fact, I might have to swear off chevron indefinitely.  It is bad news, friends.  Bad news!

So you see...

I found 108 inch wideback designer quilting cotton for a good price -- $11.95 per yard.  And I thought to myself, is this navy blue and white chevron print not perfect for my son's new bedroom?  I ordered a couple of yards and made plans with great anticipation.  This is going to be AWESOME, I thought.  Fun but not babyish, I thought.

Today, I opened it out on the floor and it seemed a bit on the busy side.  I'll make a duvet instead of curtains, I thought.  So I cut out the duvet.  As best I could.  While the room spun.  Because oh my goodness!  Navy blue and white chevron is practically impossible to look at.  IT BURNS YOUR EYES.

After cutting out the full duvet, I had to admit the awful truth that a sea of seizure-inducing fabric might not be the most relaxing choice of pattern for a toddler's bedspread.  I tried to fix the situation by cutting up the chevron fabric into wide bands and inserting bands of plain white fabric to create a striped pattern down the length of the duvet.  It helped a little with the brain overload situation, but it was just sort of meh to look at and my husband declared it "girly."

Anybody want two yards of wideback cotton fabric that looks like it's been shredded by an angry tiger?

Just kidding!  I have hatched a new plan and if it works out, I might even be back to tell you about it.

Unless my eyes never recover.


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