Needle and thREAD

I feel like my days have been pretty full just keeping up with life but there is more sewing on my to do list and it can't wait!  I have a bridesmaid dress for myself to take care of by next Thursday night.

I've only pinned the hem so far -- with the help of my attorney husband who was a good sport and marked the front, back, and sides of the dress so that I could connect the dots.  I'm hoping for the best.  I think I might have pinned it a pinch too high, but I'll fix that.  In my years at the bridal shop, I learned an easy way to make neat little hems in chiffon.

The dress also has a halter strap I need to adjust for my neck size. The bodice is too small at the band right above my baby bump, but I don't have the heart or energy to do anything about it. It zips and right now that's good enough for me!

I'm reading as much as I can while the kids play outside.  I'm finishing up Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Esolen and I started this book on Monday:

My reading feels a bit slow-going, but it's all good.

That's all from my neck of the woods.  Thanks for stopping by!  ~ Liz

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  1. You're just going to leave us hanging?? You know how to make a neat little chiffon hem and you are keeping it all to yourself?! ;-)
    ahhh - NOW I get your eagerness to take apart and resew wedding dresses....
    *sigh* I have the imagination book and STILL haven't managed to crack the cover. I think you'll like the read aloud book. I've checked it out a couple of times from the library ~ I was delighted to find that all of my random bits of paper marking it up the first time were still in there :-) Just the other day, I was wondering if they'd STILL be there. I'll have to peek next time we go to the library...

    1. Ya that's exactly what I was thinking Tracy! About the chiffon hem!! Can't wait to see your dress LIz :)

    2. Ha! Well, gals...had I known your great curiosity about chiffon hems...! I'll try to do this one during the day, so I can take some pictures for you. It is pretty much the best thing I ever learned about bridal sewing. (That and using pliers to break off any beads that are in the way of the presser foot when sewing beaded fabrics). Works great for lining fabrics as well!

    3. And Momma -- I am thinking about giving that Read-Aloud book for a baby shower. I really like it so far, though I have skipped past some of the (extensive) evidence for why early reading is beneficial.


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