Sewing Chit Chat

Mind if I pop in and chat about sewing?  A bit of this and that, if you will?

I'm delighted for garage sale season to be in full swing again!  I haven't had the chance to do too much treasure hunting, but I did find the ribbons you see above -- 2 for $0.25!

The 1/8th inch ribbon is something I use for my shop, too, and I hate to buy a big roll of a color when I might only need ten inches for a bow.

The best part of garage sale-ing is picking up items you wouldn't normally purchase, like these patterns I grabbed a few years back.

Doll clothes are crazy time consuming since they require all of the fit controls of regular female clothing. A simple sheath dress still needs six darts and that is a heck of a lot of work for a gal only a couple of inches around!

Surprisingly, it can also be a bit of a challenge to find fabric combinations that really work for doll clothes as I almost always use scraps instead of purchasing yardage.  It can be a blast though, finally putting together a wardrobe that makes sense.  Here's a colorful mix-n-match set that I finally finished up this week. 

I think our dolls might have some physical abnormalities.  Something about their ankles is not quite right.

Thankfully, not all toy clothing requires a degree in design.  I'm happy to say that a bear only needs a tube of silly bird fabric with some elastic in the top!  Let the kids pick their own straps and there ya have it.

Anywho, with two family weddings this fall, my summer sewing to-do list is shaping up nicely.  So far:

1. Two flower girl dresses (possibly four)
2. One dress for myself (possibly two or alterations on at least one)
3. Bridal gown hem and bustle (since the dress shop wanted to charge $400, let's assume it will be a whopper.)

Oh, and I suppose I should do some work on taming my personal stash of fabric...

Is that a hanger in there?  Yikes.

Anything fun on your summer sewing agenda?


  1. those barbie clothes are just too cute!! I've never attempted anything that tiny, although I hear tell my mother-in-law sewed all of her girls' barbies' clothes (I really had to think about where to put those apostrophes ;-)

    any chance you know the name of the fabric w the Eiffel tower?

    ~ Tracy

    1. I sure do know the fabric because I fell in love with it and used almost every last inch of it! It was "LAmour de la Vie" by Hoodie/Timeless Treasures. I bought it from last year.


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