Blog Updating/Housekeeping

Just a quick note to point your attention to some of the new stuff around here.

  • I've dropped a search box in the sidebar, if ever you should need it.
  • There's a new "follow by email" option there too.
  • Down a ways on the right I finally figured out how to install an Etsy mini (cuz I'm quick like that).
  • Now that I've switched over to Google+ (have I mentioned how much I dislike techie computerie stuff?), I've finally updated my "About" information.  Go click on the "About Me" link if you want to know the real deal about me.  It's full of vital information like "I've gone through labor transition in the car twice" and "my favorite color is green."  (And you thought you knew me!)
Like I said, I'm not really at all interested in website stuff, but I'm putting my big girl panties on and trying to keep up with the cool kids.  If you have any pointers, must-have widget suggestions, or commiseration to offer -- get thee to the comment box and help me bring out the best in this blog.

Thanks a bunch for everything!  I'm so grateful for my faithful readers!  ~ Liz  


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