Sort of Sewing? (AKA: Humor me, I need to talk sewing! and fabric! and making stuff!)

Oh gosh, I haven't been doing any bloggable sewing in the last few weeks unless you count the pair of pajama pants I cut off to make these stunning short shorts.

It is hot, as you well know.   Hot enough to butcher old pajama pants in the name of nighttime comfort and too hot to go moving sewing machines out of overstuffed cabinets onto kitchen tables.  At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it as I sit in my air conditioned house in my hot pink fleece bathrobe.  I need a good reason, after all, for not hemming these pretty babies as they are oh-so-stylish and all.  (My poor, poor husband.)

It's just that I have such an itch to blog about sewing.  Can you humor me by letting me show you the sewing-related things I received from my dearest older sister?  Yes?  Oh thanks ya'll!

I love it when people clean out their closets and think of me.  I do!  Here are a few of the items I've been bequeathed:

Linens, curtains, fabric by-the-yard.  Isn't it a pile of inspiration?!   If I weren't too hot to make something of something, or myself, I'd be all over these in a jiffy. *wink* Obviously the needlework doesn't need anything but a place to display it but perhaps...well iron, but the other things are screaming to be whipped up into fabulousness.

I confess I am willfully going to ignore their cries for attention for another reason (not that I need another reason than my immobility in the face of this summer's heat *wink, wink*).  You see, I'm also undertaking a venture of sorts that involves a bit of sewing and a bit of marketing and a bit of me stepping out of my comfort zone.  It's what you think, but not what you think :o).  Anyway, here's a sneak peak-ish picture of secretive possibly later-to-be-unveiled stuff.

And last but not least, I do apologize that I have not been reading this past week (or two weeks!  where does time go?), so my qualifications for participation in the delightful needle and thREAD are shaky at best.  Oh, but I can't help myself...
needle and thREAD

(Head on over to the lovely Elizabeth's blog for more -- there is real sewing and reading going on that you won't want to miss, I'm sure!) 

 If it counts, I have been reading away through my favorite blogs quite a bit and thinking about motherhood and finding space for personal/private/"help"-free creativity within the greater scheme of life with little people.  I have a suspicion that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about making time and I think I am mostly going about it the wrong way.  I need to contemplate a bit more on the matter!


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