needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD

I just have time for a quick post today as the kiddos and I wait for my brother and his family to arrive from out of state.  They're traveling through storms here in the midwest today!  (Hopefully there aren't too many typos, but I make no promises.)

Anyway, as you saw yesterday's Rainy Day Twirly Skirts post, this week's sewing was matching skirts for my two and four year old -- just for fun.

ZouZou (the little one), got her first hair cut in it :o).

As far as reading goes, I found myself picking through my copy of Style, Sex, and Substance again.  Chapter 4 was a good re-read for this week (it is NFP awareness week, after all).  I have been pleasantly surprised by this book and would recommend it.  I actually lent it to my mom and she is in her late sixties -- she said that even though she had to pass by some of the content geared towards younger moms, she really enjoyed it was impressed by the insight of some of the writers.

Anyway, happy needle and thREAD to you all and have a happy weekend!


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