More "Dress Up" Clothes of the Catholic Variety

While I don't have any boys old enough to dash around in priest capes pretend play Mass, I do have a two-year-old girl more than willing to model this kid-sized vestment which will be heading south to a godson (and nephew) of mine whose birthday is coming up soon. (It is too large for her, btw.)

I stole this boy gift idea from a friend. (Is this what you have in mind Meg?)  Hard to find kid vestments out in the market these days!

The elaborate roll collar wasn't exactly planned, but hopefully you can't tell?  I had cut the neck hole too big for a simple bias binding and the roll collar came to my rescue.

Can't have vestments without a stole...

I wised up this time around and chose a cotton blend fabric with a wee less wrinkle in it.  Launders up beautifully!


Anybody up for a sewing trick?  Two words for you, my friends....

Painter's. Tape.

It's a sewing staple around here,  I use it to mark out guidelines.

Super fast, easy, and effective!  Great for people who are too lazy don't feel like using pins and markers, or for people who find it unsafe to leave sewing supplies out and about where little people might snatch them up and get creative.  My ZouZou, for example, thinks pins are for filling up holes in sewing machines.

Never a dull moment around here.

Wishing you equally exciting sewing adventures!


  1. Are these for sale?

    1. These are not for sale but thank you for your interest.

      God bless ~ Liz


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